July 28, 2016

Why you must eat at The Gulf in Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Gulf - Orange Beach
The first thing you’ll notice about The Gulf restaurant is the building. It is constructed out of old shipping containers in matching bright blue. It creates a unique atmosphere from the outside but once you walk through one of the openings to the back, you’ll fall in love and never want to leave. There is something catching your eye in every direction, whether it’s the fire pit down in the sand, the eclectic outdoor furniture, the locks on a fence hidden in the corner, quotes on the wall and pillows and then the gift shop, there is always something to see. Each visit I discover a new hidden gem – as they move furniture often, change out tables and chairs, and are always adding something to make your visit more pleasurable. The gift shop is my favorite place to shop for unique gifts – I always walk out with a t-shirt, magnet, candle or cup. Watch out for the resident cat – I’m kidding, she’s so friendly and sometimes just sleeping next to the register. It is super pet friendly and I love seeing that at outdoor restaurants.
October 22, 2014

Beautiful Bracelets | ALK Designs

I love these bracelets! Seriously, I wear at least one of mine everyday. A friend of mine had a bracelet party at her house. I know, I know! I’m not normally one that likes attending these types of parties, but I saw a brief preview of these charming bracelets, so I decided to go and be supportive. I love you Suzie!! The moment I walked in the door, all my anxiety went away because all I saw was pretty beads – everywhere! It was almost a bit overwhelming, but then I made my way to a table where bracelets were already made and displayed beautifully.
October 6, 2014

Jump on the Pensacola Pedal Trolley

It has finally made its way to Pensacola. If you’d traveled to a tourist destination with amazing views, then you’ve seen them before. Popular in places like Nashville, Portland, Savannah, and St. Petersburg and with many names used such as, Pedal Pub, Pedal Wagon, Pedal Party, Cycle Pub, BrewCycle, Slow Ride and more, Pensacola is officially welcoming the first Pensacola Pedal Trolley.
September 21, 2013

Red Fish Blue Fish Pensacola Beach

There is a new restaurant in Pensacola, it just opened today and it’s already making a name for itself. Seriously. When a new restaurant or shop opens in the area, you can tell if it is going to make it or break within the first month. Red Fish Blue Fish on Pensacola Beach is one that is going to MAKE IT! First, it is made out of shipping containers, so how can you not love that?! Metal shipping containers! Now, I have added a shipping container house to my to-do list…okay, okay, Adam’s to-do list. But, back to the restaurant…you walk up to the restaurant where you order your food from a window – I ordered Fish Tacos on their preview day. They were delicious and I can’t believe I didn’t take one of my normal “this is the food I’m about to eat photos.” I know, everyone hates those photos but I’ll suck it up and admit that I love taking food photos. I can’t stop. So after you order, they give you a wooden fish to hang where you are sitting and they bring your food out to you. You don’t have a server, but a host that will get you napkins, refills, and anything else that you may need. When we finished eating we went straight to their gift shop. I love brands. Red Fish Blue Fish Pensacola Beach has a great brand. It’s extended over to t-shirts, Tervis tumblers, magnets, koozies, flip flops, towels, beach bags and much more! I walked out of the store with two onesies for my new nephew, a toddler t-shirt, a koozie and three magnets. I’ll be returning in the very near future and would encourage you to go check it out too. Here are some photos of our view during lunch. My next visit, I’ll be sure to take photos of the building and also my food! Check out their social media pages: RedFishBlueFishPensacolaBeach @YumFishChewFish