March 20, 2014

Take control of your own career growth

Take control of your own career growth – published March 20, 2014 (Pensacola News Journal)
March 11, 2014

My Leap Into Quilting

For years I have wanted to get into the hobby of quilting. When I was in college I even signed up for quilting classes from a local quilt store and had lessons every week. However, I believe studies got in the way and I never finished my quilt. I also have another bag of fabric where I started another quilt and I never finished it either. What in the world?! So, after many years I have now decided that it’s something that I enjoy and that I want to relearn. Plus, I’ve never finished the actual quilting part. I especially enjoy admiring all of the talented people that make quilts and put them on their blogs, Instagram, Flickr, etc. I find myself falling in love with fabric designers and quilters alike. Last fall, I started searching for quilt shops in the area and found that there aren’t many and maybe one that teaches classes. I came across the national Modern Quilting Guild’s website and was instantly attracted to their branding. I know, total nerd, right? It was just what I was looking for. After searching, I found there was a local-ish chapter, the Emerald Coast Modern Quilters Guild, which met in Crestview. The first couple of meetings I was out of town and unable to attend, but I found their group on Facebook and then some of the members on Instagram. I was finally able to attend my first meeting in February and was welcomed with open arms. I took so many pictures on my phone and have lots of inspiration to choose from. These members were talented and willing to share their love of quilting with me.