September 21, 2013

Red Fish Blue Fish Pensacola Beach

There is a new restaurant in Pensacola, it just opened today and it’s already making a name for itself. Seriously. When a new restaurant or shop opens in the area, you can tell if it is going to make it or break within the first month. Red Fish Blue Fish on Pensacola Beach is one that is going to MAKE IT! First, it is made out of shipping containers, so how can you not love that?! Metal shipping containers! Now, I have added a shipping container house to my to-do list…okay, okay, Adam’s to-do list. But, back to the restaurant…you walk up to the restaurant where you order your food from a window – I ordered Fish Tacos on their preview day. They were delicious and I can’t believe I didn’t take one of my normal “this is the food I’m about to eat photos.” I know, everyone hates those photos but I’ll suck it up and admit that I love taking food photos. I can’t stop. So after you order, they give you a wooden fish to hang where you are sitting and they bring your food out to you. You don’t have a server, but a host that will get you napkins, refills, and anything else that you may need. When we finished eating we went straight to their gift shop. I love brands. Red Fish Blue Fish Pensacola Beach has a great brand. It’s extended over to t-shirts, Tervis tumblers, magnets, koozies, flip flops, towels, beach bags and much more! I walked out of the store with two onesies for my new nephew, a toddler t-shirt, a koozie and three magnets. I’ll be returning in the very near future and would encourage you to go check it out too. Here are some photos of our view during lunch. My next visit, I’ll be sure to take photos of the building and also my food! Check out their social media pages: RedFishBlueFishPensacolaBeach @YumFishChewFish
July 24, 2013


The newest selfie photo. Check out the Independent News article about giving up something social, online, etc. “Name Your Vice.” Here is the PDF link to the cover story.
May 18, 2013

Write Drunk; Edit Sober.

Write Drunk; Edit Sober. – Ernest Hemingway  
March 22, 2013

People Often Wonder.

Often people wonder about someone’s personality and why they act like they do or say things they say. Many times, I wonder the same thing about myself. How do my friends portray me? I can be so outspoken at times…almost too much. In other situations, I’m very laid back and I just take things in. I strive to become a better listener. A leader in the Leadership Pensacola class told me last year, “Every time you speak, it’s thought out and meaningful. You don’t talk just to hear yourself.” What a compliment. I never thought that representation would be me. I think I just act differently depending on the circumstance. Around my close friends who I consider family, I’m goofy, myself and I don’t hold anything back. I can see where I am in a professional situation that I’m soaking in my surroundings, listening to other leaders and and voicing my opinion when and where it matters. My blog designer has an “About Me” section…I think we could be long lost relatives based on our personality descriptions. Hers says, “I am bossy. I am stubborn and strong-willed. I am a passionate woman, who is often either hot or cold. I am emotional and often base decisions on said emotions. I love fiercely and strongly, and often fight with the same,” posted by Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs. Here are some of my other favorite movie and television series quotes. From Are you there Chelsea? – Dee Dee says to Olivia, “You could have more friends but I don’t think you want to. I think you have a deeply hell belief that most human beings are stupid.” Olivia, “Oh my god, she can see into my soul.” In the Devil Wears Prada Andy is talking to Christian Thompson about working for Miranda. He says, “Whoa. You’ll never survive Miranda. You seem nice, smart. You can’t do that job.” If you know me, you know that I can’t stand being told I can’t do something. I would have reacted the same way as Andy and become the best person to do that job. It would be my new goal, to prove someone wrong. My friend Cassie (The Pumpkin Patch) posted this on her blog a while back. Sitting around one of my friends loudly declared while reading Facebook, “everyone knows I don’t have a sense of humor. I’m blunt and too the point.” (Yep, that was me) Driving home from work today, I starting thinking about how much I appreciate everyone that I’m close to and trust. I’m thankful for those people everyday and my flaw is that I might not tell them enough. I’m going to push myself to be more appreciative and grateful. I might be fiesty and fierce, but even I need to take a step back and remind myself to show affection.  The friends I have been blessed with in life are all unique. They are all amazing. And are crazy beyond belief! But I can love them […]