October 30, 2013

Elberta Sausage Festival

For a Pensacolian – Alabama is only a hop, skip and jump away, so it’s easy to make a day trip out of it. We found out about the Elberta Sausage Festival through word-of-mouth and decided to make a trip out of it. As you know, I love festivals, so I was in. It was a beautiful ride from Pensacola into Alabama and I expected to just see some farm land and other cars on the road going to the festival. What I didn’t expect was seeing the dozens of yard sales, garage sales and store clearances. The community knows the traffic coming through and they jumped on the opportunity of visitors. We might need to add some saddlebags on the next trip. When we arrived, it was much bigger than I thought it would be. Over 200 arts and crafts vendors and free entry! The lines were very long for the sausage since it’s only a one day festival and we went during lunch time, but they went quickly. Drinks were sold separately and only $2! Coming from a festival background – $2 is great! The German Sausage was delicious and wish I was hungry enough for seconds. Want to go? The Elberta Sausage Festival happens bi-annually, brings in over 30,000 people and benefits the Elberta Fire Department. They cook over 7,000 pounds of German sausage. The next festival is Saturday, March 29, 2014. Visit their Facebook page.
October 21, 2013

Blog Redesign

It’s that time. My blog needs a redesign. Even though it hasn’t been out that long – I’m already over the functionality of it. I’m switching away from the Blogger platform and hope to bring you even more features and many more posts. And it’s happening pretty quickly! So quickly that it is intimidating! Within the next month, you’ll see me relaunch my brand new blog design that will be much more user friendly and easy to navigate. I haven’t been posting as much as a should and definitely not on a regular schedule. So tell me — what do you want to hear about from me? I’ll just say that you’ll never hear me shut up about country music, festivals, or events, so those are permanent fixtures on this blog. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about doing some reviews on events, performances, shopping, etc. I am going to branch into covering some of the Gulf Coast and the surrounding Panhandle area. I’m keeping my Southern Sparkplug blog name, as it just fits me and my personality. If you don’t want to leave a comment, tweet me at @sparkplugwhit on Twitter. I would love to hear from you.
October 13, 2013

Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne, the duo formed of TJ Osborne and John Osborne, performed at the Pensacola Seafood Festival on September 27. Surprisingly you will not find much information on the Brothers Osborne besides their Facebook page, Twitter profile and a few videos on You Tube.When I was told they would be performing at the Pensacola Seafood Festival, they were compared to Florida Georgia Line, Eric Church, Jake Owen, and Kip Moore! Um, Hello?! Yes, please! They were so much more and had a completely awesome presence and sound.As it just started to turn to night, they took the stage and the crowd started to gather. It was an intimate show as I was still able to sit in the grass and enjoy the performance. TJ and John were even nice enough to chat for a while after the show and kindly took a photo with me. The photo may be a little misleading as I am standing on the tips of my toes to try to be taller. The boys are tall! I wish they had a record for sale and I cannot wait for it to be available. I only hope that “Stay a Little Longer” makes the cut! See my video below. Enjoy, and I hope that you find some new music to love.
October 3, 2013

The Double-Take Event

I love when creative ideas come to fruition, especially when it’s a first year event. On Tuesday, October 1, the inaugural Double-Take Event took place. Essentially it was a fake wedding that I totally got to crash. I was a legit Wedding Crasher and didn’t even care. I walked in and the talented Crystal Yu Barrineau, with Angribunni, gave me an handwritten invitation to the wedding. I was official. All of the attendees were brides and grooms, so vendors asked me when I was getting married and congratulations. That’s like the equivalent of being asked if you know the bride or groom at the wedding and trying to lie. I automatically went to the dance floor that was glossy white with circles everywhere. It just looked so clean and graphically grabbed my attention. To my surprise, the owners of Dance N Glow, Jade and Tim Eaton, told me to just wait until it turned on. Wait, what?!?! It turns on? Oh yes it does. Take a look at my photos below because I stood there memorized most of the night. It can light up to the music, spell words in lights and be any color you want. It’s a MUST see, even for a party and not a wedding. The Cinematographer made me wish he was at our wedding and that was something that I knew I didn’t want. I believe it was the work of Chris D Scott Photography that I was viewing a projection of a wedding on the wall of the venue. Of course the very talented Hara Gabriell with Documented Photography was there. I love love love her photos. Guests sampled food from the greatest caterers, and it was delish. Thanks to the wonderful chefs for each of their dishes. Chef Amber Solnick with R&R Fine Catering served “the snack” of mini BLT cups and skewered pickled shrimp with watermelon. Chef Kiley Bolster (and Bill) with The Magnolia served “the intro” of candied pumpkin soup finished with a whipped chai creme fraiche cloud and cinnamon-maple wafer. Chef Erika Thomas (and Ryan) with Portabello Market served “the feast” of herb roasted pork tenderloin medallions with crispy shallot demi and a sweet potato souffle. You know the food was the reason I attended! I am missing one very important part about the Double-Take Event. The first 50 guests received a swag bag. It turned out to be a swag box! I haven’t opened it yet because I want it to be similar to a BirchBox opening. I plan to include my opening of the swag box on my next post. My photos will not give justice this event deserves, but it shows you the uniqueness and how detail-oriented this event was. By the end of the night I was hooked. Sara Gillianne and her team planned a perfect night. I told her that I wished she was around for my wedding. I give her props for thinking outside the box and taking the chance on something new. I […]