September 7, 2012

Ecards – My Favorites.

Ecards…you either love them or loved them. I’ve heard many people say they are tired of these ecards but I can’t help but love them. They relate to me, so I’m going to post some of my favorites. Check out the ecard website too for more funnies. Here they are! #TrueBloodLove          
August 31, 2012

Jello Shots.

Normally when I hear “jello shots” I cringe. It’s because I’m not a huge fan of the actual taste of liquor. I think when people make them, they naturally make them as potent as possible. Yes, it’s a quick and easy way to take a shot but I want to enjoy the flavor and not end up stating, “That was soooo strong.” While hosting a party a couple years back, the hubs and I wanted to make jello shots and we experimented with a couple of different flavors and we now have our famous jello shots down to perfection. If you want to make them for a fun party favor to bring to someones house, then by all means do it! Here’s how to make them and have people thank you for actually making good tasting jello shots and to have people request your famous jello shots. Five Jello Flavors: Blue Lemon Lime Stawberry Orange Five Liquors: Malibu Vodka Tequila Midori Amaratto Blue + Malibu Lemon + Vodka Lime + Tequila Strawberry + Midori Orange + Amaretto Find a paper wholesale company in town. They will normally sell to the public as well. You want plastic to go ramekins. I like the smallest ones. They come in sleeves of 100 to 150 and I buy the lids as well. They are much easier to transport that way. Then line them up on cookie sheets, that way you can take them from your counter to your refrigerator. Directions Boil one cup of water Add one package of jello and stir until disolved. Add one cup of cold liquid. For flavored liquors (Midori, Malibu and Amaretto) use one full cup of liquor. For strong tasting, high proof liquors (Tequila, Vodka) use a mixture of 4 oz. of water and 4 oz. of liquor. Stir. Pour into cups. Place in the refrigerator over night. Done!
August 30, 2012

Travel Anything.

Can I vacation for a living? No, but seriously. There are so many things I want to see and do that it’s unbelievable. I could write a book on the places I want to go and experience. Could I document about traveling alone? Maybe I can talk a girl friend into coming on a trip with me. That wouldn’t be hard, just the time off of work is the tricky part. Let’s just start with weekend getaways. Drive distances. I’m limited to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and parts of Florida. Let’s start with Cape San Blas, Florida We just left this beautiful little town located in the panhandle of Florida in Gulf County at the most south point. It’s nestled between Port St. Joe and Apalachicola. The cute little town is full of cottages and beach houses and plenty of Florida cracker houses with nothing commercial in sight for at least 30 minutes. Centered on the central time/eastern time line, this town recognizes the eastern time zone and everything closes pretty early. Take vacation here to get away from it all, technology included…spotty cell phone service. The goal for the entire trip was to kayak and scallop. Not being a huge fan of kayaking, I went along for the experience. We kayaked way too far out and too long looking for scallops and I ended up having to be towed with his Hobie kayak (foot pedals) instead of using my paddle. We found a sand bar and we swam around for a good bit and snorkeled but didn’t find any scallops. Finally I grabbed the underwater camera because I saw a snail and took some photos. The snail was on top of the scallop and I picked it up, held it up in the air and said, “What is this?” I KNEW I had gotten my first scallop but I needed reassurance. Our friend Tien said, “That my dear is a scallop.” The feeling of doing something for the first time is exhilarating. No matter how small of a something that is, I just got my first scallop….ever! We eventually ventured our way back to land (more towing for me) and collected scallops on the way back. We were sun burnt, exhausted and worn out but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Take a look at our adventure below. Rachael trying to fish in the grass Being towed Jon’s first fish! At the sand bar with Rachael Crabs were everywhere We found mullet The wonders of a Hobie kayak See right there? My first scallop! There it is. Puffer fish. Lots of Dolphins Being towed in. We didn’t do that great this time around.  
August 15, 2012

How to have Tact.

Tact. 1. Acute sensitivity to what is proper and appropriate in dealing with others, including the ability to speak or act without offending. 2. Archaic The sense of touch. I caused a small ruckus by posting about Liquid Courage Flasks using my photo in an email without my permission. I posted it on my blog and my twitter account. It spread a little in my social media community as I follow and have plenty of followers that are photographers, public relations practitioners, social media experts, and marketing professionals. Within a couple of hours I received a direct message on twitter for me to call the owner of the company with his direct extension. I could not call at that exact moment because I was in meetings. After I was back at a computer I saw that someone posted a very negative comment about my accusation on this blog. She made it sound like she worked for the company and completely failed at answering. In other words, she got hot headed, quickly. I decided not to call but to gather my thoughts and email the owner. Let me just say, he did exactly what an owner/CEO should do. 1) He responded quickly with direct access to him. 2) He apologized. Took blame. 3) He explained why it happened. 4) He stated how it would not happen again with me or anyone else. 5) He offered to send another email blast out with my name. 6) He asked how we can fix the situation. My first email was very professional and I even sent him some ideas on how to incorporate fan photos into his campaigns for the future. He was very receptive. Here are some snippets from his email. “I’m sincerely sorry for this explosion of negativity due to a simple mistake and lack of communication on our end. We both as a company and personally in no way intended to offend or infringe on you. Please know that I come in peace.” “We get images coming in from all over the place, both from customers and blog authors such as yourself.  Whenever we get these images we add them into a folder within our company network called 3rd Party Photos. I will personally take the blame for this because I personally grabbed the images from that folder to add to the email campaign.” “I’m really sorry for this situation, it was all due to my mistakenly adding you image into our 3rd Party Images folder for this sort of use.We in NO way had any intentions of infringing on your copyright. We would have never used the image if I had even considered there to be an issue with that. Please understand that all the images in that folder have been sent to us with consent to use, thus my mistake. Something that I am now going to have to go back and double check. :)” “We are a small company and I can not count the hours, sweat, blood, and tears […]