Mardi Gras is Time Consuming!
March 7, 2011
Learning to pick your battles.
July 28, 2011 Birthday Beach Bash.

Can you believe how time flies and you forget to update you blog daily? It’s been a while – since March on Adam’s Birthday since I’ve written. Well Adam has just returned home from being offshore for 30 days. He will be home three weeks and we are both excited to spend some time together. We had a couple of lazy days around the house and then we recently went to the Birthday Beach Bash for their 2nd birthday party. Let’s just say we figured out we’re a pretty limber couple. I entered the Ladies Limbo Contest after being “called out” over the microphone to enter. I left the competition in 3rd place. Adam decided he wanted to enter the Men’s Limbo Contest and took home 1st place! Funny stuff. Photos on


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