IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area Finalists

IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area, is pleased to announce the 15 grant finalists selected for 2014. These finalists were announced at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 18, 2014. Ten of the 15 finalists will receive a grant of $102,500 at the IMPACT 100 meeting on Sunday, October 19, 2014.


IMPACT 100 has focus area committees that help determine the finalists in each area. Read more about the Eligibility/Guidelines for IMPACT 100 applicants here.

The finalists for IMPACT 100′s 2014 year:

Ballet Pensacola, Inc.
Project: Technology and Infrastructure for Production – Moving Ballet Pensacola Forward with IMPACT

First City Arts Alliance, Inc. dba First City Art Center
Project: Increasing Capacity, Building Community

The Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc.
Project: Infrastructure Development of Tribal Grounds

East Hill Academy, Inc.Project: The IMPACT 100 Autism Learning Center: “Use Your WORDS”

Escambia County Public Schools Foundation for Excellence, Inc.
Project: Shoot for the Stars!

The Pensacola MESS Hall, Inc.
Project: The MESS Hall Project

Miracle League of Northwest Florida dba Miracle League of Pensacola
Project: Field of Dreams: Finishing the Work

Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center, Inc.
Project: Conservation and Protection: Sea Turtle Center Improvements

Rotary Club of Pensacola Foundation, Inc.
Project: Rotary Centennial Playground

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida, Inc.
Project: 100 Men in 100 Days

Manna Food Bank, Inc. dba Manna Food Pantries, MANNA
Project: Preparing for a Brighter Tomorrow

Society of St. Vincent De Paul Council of Pensacola-Tallahassee, Inc. dba Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Alfred Washburn Center
Project: Living on the Edge

Alzheimer’s Family Services, Inc.
Project: Project Lifesaver

Health and Hope Clinic, Inc.
Project: Strengthening the Safety Net

Our Lady of Angels St. Joseph Medical Clinic, Inc.
Project: Improving and Expanding Patient Services

Finalists will present their project at the IMPACT 100 Pensacola Bay Area Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at the Hilton Pensacola Beach where final voting will take place.

Information submitted by the IMPACT 100 Board of Directors

Epicureans for Epilepsy

I attended an event, Epicureans for Epilepsy, on Friday, September 12 in downtown Pensacola. The event took place at SoGourmet, which is an amazing store converted to an event space for special occasions.

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Epicureans for Epilepsy was a fundraiser that consisted of a food and wine tasting tour of France. It featured French wines paired with delectable appetizers prepared by SoGourmet’s culinary instructors. It was delicious with caramelized onion and goat cheese toast points, grape stuffed mushrooms with boursin cheese, and mini boeuf bourguignon en croute to name a few.

Board member, Michael Bell started off the event, speaking on behalf of Quint Studer, with information about the Epilepsy Resources Center and the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida. He thanked many people and made introductions. He spoke that ARC Gateway is a one stop shop for those in need because of the people and resources available to those with epilepsy. A short video with testimonials was played for everyone in attendance.


Michael also mentioned the new addition to the team, a rising star of Pensacola, Amber Kelley will be joining the team as the Director of the Resource Center.

The fundraiser helped raise funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida (EFOF), and the Epilepsy Resource Center.




It was interesting to hear about the foundation and mission as an adult and to think about how each person with epilepsy lives every day. As a teenager, I remember my sister would always volunteer as a camp counselor through the Escambia County 4-H Program for Epilepsy Camp every summer. You are never fully aware until it happens to someone close to you, but this organization is doing a great job spreading awareness.

The EFOF Mission: The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy.

Jake Owen – Orange Beach.

Jake Owen

Jake Owen. Jake Owen. Jake Owen. Seriously. I love this dude, his music, his brand and his performances. I’m trying to count the number of times I’ve see Jake – Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival (x2), ToadLick Music Festival (x2), The Block in Ft. Walton, Orange Beach at The Wharf and I feel like I’m missing another one.

Everyone that knows me well knows that Jake Owen is my absolute favorite male artist – as I say my Favorite, Favorite. There’s not denying that my friends don’t know this as well. So when I found out that Jake was performing at the Amphitheater at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama with the opening acts of Parmalee and The Cadillac Three I made sure I got my tickets as soon as they went on sale through his website/Fan Club. His concerts feel like Christmas to me — nervous with my stomach all in knots in anticipation.

Before I even bought tickets, I signed up for a Meet and Greet through Jake’s website, but I didn’t get chosen. Whomp Whomp…. However, my best friend Cassie did – THANK GOODNESS!!!

He was really genuine during the Meet and Greet. I told him that my favorite concert was his concert at The Block in Ft. Walton and he thought about it for a second and then started laughing because he remembers our photographer, that just took our photo, getting sick from eating Oysters that night and for me to go ask him about it. Ended up being a pretty funny conversation.

The Cadillac Three and Parmalee did not disappoint. Jaren, Neil and Kelby from The Cadillac Three completely rocked their performance – the uniqueness of their sound makes it extra special. I saw them perform earlier in the year at Toby Keith’s Bar in Orange Beach and knew that I had to see them again.

So ultimate goal: work for Jake Owen. I want to be in charge of his VIP/Meet and Greets or work on his publicity. However, I know he has an amazing publicist already.


















Kenny Chesney Weekend!


Boy was it a LONG Kenny Chesney week and weekend. With all of the Flora Bama Jama rules and regulations, I felt like I was eating, breathing and drinking all things Kenny Chesney. From the first announcement, it was all anyone could talk about in the Gulf Coast area. Since I’m in Pensacola and so is the Flora Bama, it was a must attend concert.

But locals were begging for more information since there was a slight delay with being able to sign up for wristbands, then they were gone so quickly, then an email was sent out that said I was on a wait list when I had a screen shot that I had confirmed wristbands, no one had answers and a day later Kenny said not to worry, and so on. I felt like no one could keep up with the news, changes, miscommunication, so I posted frequently on my personal Facebook page about the concert and updates from Kenny’s camp and from the Flora Bama. But on Saturday, August 16 – Kenny Chesney was performing at Flora Bama and we were going.

First, we had to get everyone’s wristbands and that was difficult because everyone in our group had to get wristbands at the same exact same time. I was definitely not waiting until the day of the event to get our wristbands. We did not want to take a shuttle or trolley to the event and opted to take our boat. We had an offer to dock our boat at a friend of a friends house but took a chance and anchored out close to the Flora Bama Yacht club, but out of the way of their drop off location. We got some flack at first, but it all worked out. We had the perfect spot behind the tour buses. I of course, being the concert goer that I am, didn’t want to hang out on the boat but wanted to make sure I got the spot that I wanted. However, my husband, who could care less about seeing a concert wanted to stay and party on the boat as long as possible. We anchored up around 10 a.m., the concert started at 4:30 p.m. and we headed over about 2 p.m. I was itching to get to the concert because it felt like a festival and that’s my happy place.

Adam and a friend had the opportunity to hold Kenny Chesney’s pirate flags during the show when Kenny sang his pirate flag song, specifically for Kenny’s music video. So we let the guys go figure out their official duties and I headed to the front of the crowd where my friends had camped out for a spot since early that morning. Thank goodness for them as I hate being in the middle of the crowd. I either have to be front or in the back. I don’t know how they sat in that Florida heat all day because I was burning up before Kenny came on stage. We were all thankful for the hose full of water that the fire department shot out to the crowd to keep us cool.

Kenny started off with a bang, singing his new single Flora Bama. What an awesome song and since he was playing to a lot of locals, we all sang the lyrics right back to him. He played almost a full three hours like he was scheduled. He brought out David Lee Murphy to sing Dust on the Bottle and Party Crowd. He made remarks to all of the boats in the Gulf watching him and how appreciative he was of his No Shoes Nation supporters. There were people in condos, boats in the Gulf, and the parking garage to catch a glimpse of Kenny Chesney history on the white beaches of Florida. (Yes, the stage and most of the crowd was on the Florida side of the line.)

Our Consensus: Awesome concert but I don’t think we’d do it again. If we did, and all depending on the weather, by boat in the Gulf. Flora Bama doesn’t have the parking capacity for an event like this every year. Yes, it brought it money over the weekend but also took away a lot of money for Saturday for Perdido Key because of no parking or traffic. The shuttles were a good way to get people in and out, but even if you four lane Perdido Key, there is still no parking and that’s the problem that needs a solution first.

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IMG_5954 IMG_5963







Missing My Internet.

In Florida during the summer we have these pesky little afternoon thunderstorms that often turn into torrential downpours. The kind where you just sit inside your office or home during lunch because it is too rough of a rainstorm to think about venturing outside even with an umbrella or rain jacket.

Well, one of those thunderstorms happened last week and knocked out the power for a few hours. However, it also knocked out my cable internet. So after some testing and phone calls with Cox Communications, I thought it was my router. So I went to the store and bought a new router, hooked it up, did everything right….nothing. Okay, when I say hooked it up, I really didn’t mean me, but my friend that knows how to fix everything when Adam is away, Tien. We came to the conclusion that it was not my router, but my modem. The next day I called my Dad for advice and he ordered me a new modem. It came today, I hooked up the modem, connected it to my original router, nothing. Finally I connected my new modem to my new router and I have access to the world again!!!

My cell phone bill data plan also thanks you because I already had to order additional data for the month.