June 17, 2016

A Toadlickin’ Good Time

Toadlick Music Festival. Now a southern staple of the music scene located in Dothan, Alabama. It is South Alabama’s largest music festival and this year it celebrated its 5th year. In previous years, Toadlick was held in April and after fighting with rough weather every year, the organizers decided to move the festival to June. So why the name Toadlick? The festival was already in creation before a name was formed. We’ve heard over the years that it all happened around a campfire one night. Toadlick Festival President, Chris Gilbert confirmed that they wanted a catchy name and his little cousin said Toadlick – it caught his attention and it stuck. After speaking with Gilbert, you’ll see why Toadlick has become so successful in Dothan. It it his passion along with the help of friends and family. Gilbert says that it’s always been about the music to him. He saw the Peanut Festival Grounds in Dothan sitting vacant for most of the year and knew it was “a phenomenal facility right here in my backyard.” He’ has always loved music festivals and thought, “why can’t we do something like that in Dothan.” So, he did. It is the biggest event by far for Dothan. Gilbert said, “Every night is the biggest night every. Last night (Friday) was the biggest night ever, period, and tonight will top it.” They started planning for Toadlick 2017 a few short weeks before Toadlick 2016 even started Toadlick is a three-day long festival held on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The lineup for 2016 included Justin Moore, Clare Dunn, Daughtry, Kid Rock, Aaron Lewis, Alabama, Eli Young Band, Charlies Daniels Band and Ashley Monroe. In true southern fashion, at Toadlick, companies like RAK Ranch and JB Crockett set out to raise money and give 100 percent of proceeds to Justin Moore’s  hometown church. His church, Poyen Missionary Baptist Church burned down recently and at Toadlick, more than $3,400 was raised! If you’ve never experienced Toadlick before, put it on your list. Be prepared to bring yourself a festival chair, some rowdy friends and maybe even a camper, because it’s a GREAT place to camp for the weekend!
December 11, 2015

My Christmas Wish List

There comes a time at a certain age when there aren’t a whole lot of things that you’re waiting to ask for as a Christmas present. Sometimes I’ll keep items on my radar that I wouldn’t normally buy and then around Christmas time, I’ll splurge because I’ve been thinking about it so long and still want it that I don’t count is as in impulse buy. I’ve pulled some items that I want and then some that I love and think would make perfect gifts. Some of them I’ve already purchased and they are under my tree, the hubs just doesn’t know yet. And some I just think would be great gifts, too! Maybe you’ll get some ideas for yourself, your friends or the lady in your life. Hunter Boots Quality over quantity and Hunter Boots offer the quality that you’re looking for in a nice pair of rain boots. They are perfect for a soggy day, being out around town or attending a festival without having to get your shoes wet, all while still looking fashionable. These sweet teal babies are on sale right now for the holidays! Cowboy Boots We can all use a good pair of cowboy boots in our closet. I’m starting my collection and I’m still waiting to find a pair of black or grey boots that I really love. These boots are from Country Outfitter, by American Rebel Boot Company. “American Rebel Cowgirl Boots are made for women who practice the art of living on the edge. Never ordinary, always stunning, a Rebel keeps faith in the wild and the free.”   Belkin Lightning to USB Leather Tassel Because every girl needs to be connected and fashionable all at the same time. This Belkin Lightning USB leather tassel is perfect for the girl on the go. It’s fashionable to attach to a purse or key ring and still functional.   Tieks These are on my wish list, because coming in at $175, they would be a splurge for me. “Tieks are the most versatile designer flats in the world. Made of the finest Italian leathers and designed to fold and fit in a purse. Wearable all day, every day.” “Each pair of Tieks is crafted from the finest leathers (or vegan textiles) and specially treated to be flexible yet durable. In total, it takes three days and over 150 steps to create a single pair of Tieks. There are no shortcuts in creating the world’s most versatile ballet flat.” Giving Key – Dainty Infinity Have you heard about Giving Keys? I love this story. “The Giving Keys exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles to make key necklaces and other jewelry out of repurposed keys.” Each key has it’s own stamped word on it that you can pick or create your own. They are given and meant to inspire, comfort or help others. Country artists, Maddie and Tae recently finishing their tour and gave away Giving Keys to those around […]
December 4, 2015

Yay Yay Yay

I am so excited!! Yesterday, I saw a sneak peak of my new blog design. I’m happy to be redesigning with a friendlier layout and setting goals to update frequently with more content. I’ll also be updating my social media channels with more information so be sure to give them a follow. I’ll be updating the Southern Sparkplug Facebook page, SparkplugWhit Instagram and SparkplugWhit Twitter account. I know that I’ll be writing about the Southern lifestyle, my wanderlust travels, concerts, events, festivals and what not to miss in certain cities. I’ll start with Pensacola and Nashville and then start looking for suggestions on where to travel next! I’ll always keep you updated on country music, what events not to miss and even some fun photo shoots with boutiques, shops and creatives! You’ll get a sneak peak at my favorite shops and designers to follow. I’ll also be really talking about traveling, events and concerts. My favorite place to be is at a concert. I found another blogger, Ingrid from the Sassologist, that said it best, “Perhaps it is some sort of escapism. For those two hours, I don’t bother thinking about the issues I left at home. I don’t worry about deadlines or tests that I still have to check. It is just me and the music. Me and the artist on stage.” I could not have said it better. That’s exactly how I feel at concerts and why I attend or work them. You’ll find me often side stage, front row or in the photo pit because it’s brings me the most happiness. That’s what truly matters is what makes you happy. So continue on this journey with me and by all means, feel free to join along!
December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast!

What a Thanksgiving! Normally everyone has their favorite foods they look forward to every holiday or each year. Then there’s the argument of if it’s called dressing or stuffing. We’re from the south, it’s definitely dressing just like those are buggy’s in the store not carts! 😉 When it comes to holidays I’m a little bit of a gypsy depending on what year it is, if the hubs is working or not and what my parents are doing. This year was no different. After a formal invite to a friends Thanksgiving, I couldn’t turn it down and what a blessing it turned into! Asking what I needed to bring, my hostesses told me purely, “yourself.” Bliss. I took advantage of some pre-Black Friday deals and purchased a new digital camera, a Canon 70D with a few new lenses, too. I told my hostess that I was bringing my new camera to snap some photos of the feast! I’m so glad I did, too. To Kim, John and Lauren, I’m thankful that I was able to meet them a few years ago and blessed that they think of me, invite and open their home on numerous occasions a year. They cook for days leading up to events with recipes that are thought out and divine. There is always too much food and plenty of to go boxes and I don’t think they’d have it any other way. Take a sneak peak at the cheese trays, all of the southern foods and fixin’s and those desserts! YUMO! They would give Paula Deen a run for her money.



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